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sábado, 19 de janeiro de 2013


Effortless gain
You practiced it on me
Show up, win
The broken lotery of me

The suffering is the prove of the intensity
The fear is the prove of the importance
This poem is the prove of the existence
And I want to prove you

'Cause I've been already subdued by pain before
Hope already led me to death
And I already had to exorcise my own newly acquired fears
So I could ressurrect
But all that I've passed through
would make sense if to have you here with me

I have distrust in faith
But my heart unknowns me and ignores me
And a new abyss awaits me?
'Cause I already love you, easy and risky fact

I dream about us
I have to suppress this crazyness
'Cause I can loose me again
But... meeting you would be
Too good to even consider

I'm now composed of love for you
As for nobody else have I ever been
And I suffer for being without being yours
But I'm more grateful for the current parallelism of our existences
And I'm grateful for being the love I'am now.